Three takes on a take



The old point-and-shoot was a trusty sidekick for many years, and though it is now gathering dust as a prop for a number of my more active stuffed animals, it is nevertheless not forgotten.

Let’s face it: I would never have been able to do things like this with the old point-and-shoot. Aside from the quality of the image itself, I simply would not have been able to tell it to focus on the rain drops instead of all the bigger stuff whizzing by in the background. With the DSLR I had this option, and I used it, and even in the postage-stamp-sized viewer I could see that my caps had potential.

Then, when I got the pictures back to my evil laboratory (bwaahahahahahaha!!!) I really started to play. Actually, that’s not true. The only things I adjusted on these were the saturation and the hue – and that was really only because I was in a goofy mood.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these simple takes as I do.



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