The Germ of an Idea

A strange and delicious thought has started to percolate through our brains. A most unexepected thought, and yet the conditions for making this thought a reality are there if we want to initialize them.

This little notion started to germinate last week when a couple of cousins stopped to visit. They’d been on a cross-Canada tour in their RV and they stopped in to say hello on the last day of their trip. We got a tour of the ‘unit’ and though it certainly had that lived-in look, it also looked a lot like home.

The gears suddenly turned. In a heartbeat the long winter of snow and cold, of shovelling and scraping, of griping and grumbling and moping and moaning coalesced with the general longing to escape the city rat-race in favour of something a little more relaxed. In a thrice, all the bitching and beefing saw its solution in four mobile walls, tootling merrily down the highway to points unknown – exploring this corner, that nook, and seeing things we never dreamed we’d see. In a nonce, the freedom of the road seemed not only doable, but desirable, and even – to a certain extent – essential.

We decided to start looking – after all, you shouldn’t make important decisions without information. We started in Airdrie with this modest little guy:




I don’t know – could we stand it? We’ve been suburbia-rooted for so long, can we get used to the stakes game – the coming and going, the stopping and starting? I think so. Friends of ours recently put their home up for sale and when I saw it completely empty I realized that home is where you live, not what you live in. I think if we could all promise ourselves a new experience every day there would be a lot more happy, interested, and engaged people in the world.

Things never happen when you push, they happen as they’re meant to. If we create the conditions for this little adventure – or at least create the conditions for the conditions to create themselves – then maybe this time next we’re watching the road lines flash by.

I could live with that.

There’s nothing quite like the open road.


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