Sorry, but I’m afraid I just don’t like advertising showing up right in the middle of my work, so I’ve figured out a way to get my revenge. Wherever I am, on the web, if advertising interrupts my enjoyment I make a note of the company being advertised and decide not to purchase their product. Ever. 

That goes for those little graphics at the bottom of the TV screen, too. They’re no longer content to just charge for cable (price seems to go up every month), and  to constantly interrupt programming with “important messages”, and to trim  programming of all the good bits so the “important messages” can still fit the time slot – now they want to draw our eyes away from the programming to see a little caricatured rendition of a program or product in which we have – at that moment – absolutely no interest. Frankly, it’s annoying, and I urge everyone to boycott firms that allow themselves be advertised in that way. At some point there has to be some push-back from the consumer against this constant bombardment of advertising. 

Along the same lines, I know I’m only one person, but I’ve decided that I will not watch the Olympics next year – at all – because of the regressive Russian stance on gay rights. It’s offensive to me that such a large part of any population should be censored into silence by official dicta. We in the west can choose to accept this or we can choose to read a good book during the Olympics. I’ll be reading the book, and – advertisers take note – while I’m reading it I won’t be watching any of the advertising or buying any of the products. 

Oh, and while I’m in a bitching mood – in your travels have you ever heard this:

“We are currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes.”

This phrase strikes me as funny because I hear it every time I call the phone company, or the cable company, or any of those truly customer-service-oriented firms. So my question is – at what point do the “higher than normal call volumes” become the “normal” call volumes, driving the customer-service-oriented firm to hire more people to provide faster customer service? Just a thought.

I’m done. 

Next time, back to regularly scheduled nice.

Here’s a puppy.




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