Fads, eh? Let’s see – the fads in my life…

  • Birth – a fad from which I never quite recovered.
  • School – still paying for that one. I looked really goofy in my uniform. Buck-toothed little squirt. 
  • Church – a fad I’m still stuck with, although I will say that even though I’m not a religious man my early experiences with the internal discipline of church ritual has served me well in maintaining my spiritual connections.
  • Love – now there’s a fad and a half. My mother and my sister as I grew, mothering and sistering the heck out of me, filling me with a love I’ve never forgotten. My partner now, through thick and thin, there to teach and support and love, no matter what.  Now, ain’t all that a really tight-fittin’ pair o’ pants!
  • Divorce – a short, sharp fad with no equal for its effect on me as a child, leading to the fad of…
  • Being fatherless – something I could have done without. Formative, hurtful, doubt-creating – just what every little boy needs to keep himself focused. 
  • Sex. It’s a fad. I got over it. The associated mystique is now more like mist – some days a full pea-souper fog.
  • Food. Still happily addicited, thank you. Definitely not a fad.
  • Smoking. A fad that lasted sixteen years, finished in 1996 and with which I am most definitely done. Funny though, I still dream about having a cigarette sometimes. 
  • Drinking. A fad that lasted significantly longer than the smoking thing, but which I also got over once I put my mind to it – when I went back to school
I don’t worry too much about the vestments – we wear what’s on the shelf when we’re buying. I prefer to ponder the concrete things – the life-shaping things, the things that make us who we are. The challenges we overcome, our attempts, failures and successes do more to define who we are than a slinky outer layer ever will.
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