Wasted Days and Nights

This is apropos really, considering that I’m just wrapping up a degree. Deadlines are everywhere in the university experience – usually somewhere between five and ten targets per course, per semester. 

I figured out long ago – actually in the 1980s – that I work best under pressure. This doesn’t mean that I leave it to the last night, slap something together, and hand it in. It just means that I read more closely, absorb more easily, and retain and express more clearly when the pressure is on.

In university most assignments are laid out on the first day of class, so theoretically I could leave the classroom on day one and start working on every assignment. But I don’t. I give the course time to settle in, and the material time to wash over me. Then I start doing my active research and laying out a framework. This works for me because the must-do nature of perfecting it at the last moment allows me to focus on the work. Everything else gets shut out when you have to get it done, or fail, and I believe that’s positive because it makes your final product more focused. 

I’m working with this now. I’ve got three days to finish my last ever university paper. And here I am, writing a blog.

There’ll be time for pressure tomorrow. 


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