The KerDoodles Are Watching

Little is known about the recently-discovered KerDoodle. What is known, however, is that they are shy, and that they like to pick a human and look after them for life. In fact, new information suggests that once a Doodle picks a human being, they are fiercely protective of them. If you’ve got a KerDoodle, you’re pretty lucky.

Not everyone has a KerDoodle, though, and only specially trained people can see or sense them. My sister thought she had a creaky barn until I sensed the KerDoodle and caught this photographic evidence of it.

Do you have a KerDoodle? Send me a photo of yourself and I’ll check to see if you’re safe. $1, please. Doodle hunts cost money.

You can donate the dollar to a children’s cause.



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