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The Long Road

The long road can be very boring if you forget to look around you. 

Life is a journey: take a look around.



Suddenly Thirsty

Orange you glad I took this picture?


Hill Top

Hill tops at sunset, near Chain Lakes, Alberta. 


Three Little Words

Psssst. Summer’s comin‘.




It starts with one. From there the disease grows, taking its place in the whole as though it actually belongs. Soon the mad corruption begins to take hold, and there is nothing left of the purity.



Comfort in the #Night

The night. The deep, dark night. The eerie, smoky, deep dark night. Warm or cold, it envelopes you, caresses you, removes you – absolves you. 

Take comfort in the night. 



The Last Four

Hmmm, whatever shall I do with the last four minutes of the day?